Only once in a while, does a great opportunity come along. An opportunity to provide your child with the best care and learning environment in their formative years. After more than 20 years of operation, we believe that we have achieved this kind of success. We have no doubt that what we provide for your child is a happy and stress-free environment. An environment that promotes education, while at the same time overflows with love and affection.

At Royal Castle Child Development Center, you see, we believe in the value of family. It is our duty and obligation to empower our parents to grow and become better for their children. We place great value on our children and parents. Royal Castle Child Development Center encourages parent and family participation. As our center continues to grow, families sharing their time and talents will provide a rich sense of community, both in and out of the classroom.

While your child is with us they will experience self esteem building like no other. As your child moves on from us and begins regular school, we want them to take the memories with them. It is our goal that, perhaps, while you are driving past our location years later, your child points out the car window and says, “I miss that place”….

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The mission of Royal Castle Child Development Center is to provide a foundation for learning through hands-on exploration, focusing on an early education experience, that encompasses the four key areas of development, and to do so in an environment that values the whole child as a social, intellectual, and active participant in their educational journey.